Greymouth trollers.JPG

The shopping cart being filled by two guys in the Westport supermarket looked suspiciously familiar—-mostly steaks, chops, and frozen pizza. “Fishing trip?” I asked…Yep, indeed.

But this wasn’t the Washington coast, it was Westport, South Island, New Zealand, where I was visiting friends. A modest fleet of small, sustainable-fishery boats works out of here and from Greymouth, just down the coast.

The two carnivores were happy and excited to get going, just about to head out for the albacore grounds. The fish were about seven hours’ run offshore, they said, not too bad a steam. I wasn’t so rude as to ask what lures they were favoring, but a visual dock survey indicated green/yellow jig colors were the thing this season. I wished them good fishing, and went back to my exploring.

Any mariner new to these waters should consider that channel marker colors here are the reverse of those in the U.S.! Just like everywhere in the world besides North and South America, Caribbean, Japan, Taiwan, and the Philippines, it’s green right returning—-a good thing to know to avoid embarrassment (or worse).